John's Bio.

At the age of 17, John was separated from his family, and run for his life. He travelled across seven seas to Australia as a teenager, started his life from the ground up, without any family, friend and loved ones by his side. He began sharing his inspirational story of courage, resilience and persistence.

Be Victor, Not a Victim

The history is written by victor's, are you ready to write your victory? If your answer is yes, we are here to help! We have the vision for 1 million people to become an expert in the arts and science of public speaking. 

Give Back, Don't Give Up

Do you have something to give back, your knowledge, skill, story, time, smile or have a message to the world? If yes don't give up hope. We exist to give our customers skills, training and a platform to achieve their goals. You have taken the first step by coming on my website, so put your right foot forward by dropping me a line for first free consultation. You got nothing to lose.

Previous Engagement

Speaking in Monash University about Refugee, Social and Political Issues.


Have you ever cross the Pacific ocean?  

He did. Come with us on a journey of courage, resilience, persistence, for impactful public speaking and storytelling. Get your audience to transcend and Inspired by your Public speaking. Have You Ever Face An Unknown Situation?

Have You Transcend The Public?


Do you know how to captivate your audience? Keep them on the edge of their seats the whole time. We are excited to offer you the skill, knowledge and opportunity to master the stage and make public speaking your business profit and lasting contribution to the cause you are passionate about. 

Have You Ever Won The Deal Of The Century?


Do you want to be trained and lead by someone who knows what he is talking about? For a decade John has seen it all. Conference, seminar, educational institution, libraries, museum, media, television and social media engagement. Moreover, he is so keen to share the decade of research and insight into the arts and science of public speaking. 

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