David Spittler Rav. Director ASC

Two years ago, when i was speaking at the Church of Christ in Naracoorte, my friend John Gulzari got up at 3 a.m. to drive to the Church, because "he said he would". To the comment that we was a "man of integrity", John responded that he didn't understand the English word, "Integrity", because not everyone is as good as his word!!

Good on ya, John. You are an inspiration to us all!!

Michael Green - Journalist

"When John speaks, you can hear a pin drop—the audience is transfixed and transported through the story of his life. He has such a warm and generous presence in front of a crowd. But most of all, John gives all of himself in a way that is profoundly affecting for anyone with the good luck to watch and listen."   

The testimonials of RLC founder.

Dear Mr Gulzari sir, We thank you so much for your continuous support,   I am always admire by your support and help to our desperate refugee community, and believe it or not, some time in class we are showing your social work to our students, which they get inspired by your human rights and refugee rights advocacy. bravo!

Margaret Hepworth - Founder The Gandhi Experiment

My friend John Gulzari is an inspiration. He has faced many hardships, coming to Australia by boat as a 17 year old on his own, having to flee his home in Afghanistan because of the Taliban. He arrived here in 2000. He has many stories he can share with you. His determination and incredible spirit have helped him overcome many challenges. He is now a successful entrepreneur, advocate and award winning estate agent.

Margaret Hepworth, Speaker / Author / Educator  

Robert Akeroyd - Founder Land of Welcome

John Gulzari, he is an excellent listener who makes people feel acknowledged and respected for their ideas. I’ve found him to be very supportive of other people’s dreams and strives to assist them in bringing it into being rather attempting to change it or takeover.

He is also highly active being fully involved in community events organised to create a more harmonious society.

As leadership author John Maxwell would say John has proven himself prepared to obey the law of sacrifice.

Whilst he is already a very effective leader he recognises within himself the capacity to become a better leader and so has chosen under take a course in Leadership.

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